New anatomy

Kaye Freeman is a restless soul, ever in motion, never at peace and always at work. Daily she puts brush to canvas or crayon to paper. Her work can be viewed as a narrative punctuated by evolving forms, deeper abstractions, personal trials and triumphs and a palette that always has room for more color.

New Anatomy began while the artist was “trapped between places” having severed the last ties that bound her to Australia, and still in need of the proper documents for a move to the US. Freeman landed in a nondescript Air BnB flat, fretful in idleness with no studio to paint in. So she began to draw, to test the limits of oil stick on paper. Freeman drew about transport and transition, rage and frustration, the pain of childhood scoliosis and its more painful treatment. She extracted the memories and grief of lost family, lost love, lost dreams abreast the joy of new beginnings, the anatomy of sex, dance, landscapes and even insects. The ideas took hold of Freeman and the drawing pad could no longer contain her work.

Upon renting a studio she began to paint with New Anatomy fully underway. The artist’s earlier work, childhood, travels, obsessions and passions, vexation and fears all came into play as the series progressed. Her overlapping fields of rich color slashed with graphite lines, shapes and forms that began as moments in an artists life have been abstracted into totems that we can recognize as being of the tribe we all wander with.

Freeman eventually made it to the US and she brought with her more than 165 drawings and paintings from her “time between places”. New Anatomy was culled from that collection.