Presence of Absence

“Nothingness in itself weighs so intensely on our collective consciousness that so much of what we do depends on that which may or may not even exist.” 

When someone or something is taken we replace it with a memory. It becomes a totem, a candle we look to for reassurance, a dissemination of our lives that was once whole; now broken and shattered into smithereens. We are left with pieces and called to put together something new, something different, because the Presence of Absence makes us do it.

This is the presence of that which no longer exists; an absence felt so intensely it is palpable. When it breaks into your heart, it breaths out your soul and melts your internal organs.

These paintings represent a turning point in the abstraction of Freeman’s work and came to fruition after intense period of reflection. Freeman dove deeply into the drawings she was doing at the time, like Alice into the rabbit hole, and when she came out the other end these paintings are where the artist found herself.

Freeman links the landscape to the human psyche and form, our subconscious with our true selves. For the artists these are not mutually exclusive environments. The works in the Presence of Absence series are about natural disasters including the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, her home. They are about grief, the loss of family members, friends and community. Her lines indicate pathways by which you may lose your way home, walking away towards intensifying colours alongside emerging forms that then disappear.